The All-New Honda Freed Review by Car Expert 

Honda again kicked off the world automotive market by presenting the second generation of the All-New Honda Freed.

The launch of the All-New Freed is expected to cater to the market segment available for the upper-middle class. The car that comes with the Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) concept still carries a stylish body design but still looks futuristic like its predecessor, so that it still suits the needs of families and those who are always young at heart.

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The latest Honda Freed comes in 2 variants at once: the standard Honda Freed with three rows of seats with a capacity of 6 or 7 passengers, and the Honda Freed+ with two rows of seats, where the very rear is specially designed to accommodate passengers with special needs. 

Also, this series is possible to carry passengers and their wheelchairs at the same time. Like the previous generation, the All-New Freed certainly has several advantages that have always made it one of the most awaited high-end MPVs. 


The design that carries a dynamic and functional theme is visible in the sculptural lines of the All-New Freed body that support aerodynamics and still highlight the aesthetics and luxury of an upscale car. 

Still carrying the sporty concept like its predecessor, the All-New Freed comes with a sliding door which has been a hallmark since its inception a few years ago; this keeps its use simple and practical. 

Both types still have the same exterior appearance, with a body length of 4,265 mm, a width of 1,695 mm, and a height of 1,710 mm; This car has a cabin that is more spacious and provides comfort for its passengers and is even longer than the previous release which was only 4,215 mm. 

The presence of the front bumper with smooth contour lines makes it look excellent. This car has also been equipped with headlights that use a halogen projector so that the lighting intensity is excellent and visibility is better for use at night. 

This latest release uses a one-step floor design. This feature will make it easier to handle the door and provide the convenience of being able to open automatically following footsteps. The back of this car is also equipped with elegantly designed lights, coupled with 15-inch rims on the legs that will make it look stylish. 

This car comes in 9 attractive color choices, namely: Blue Horizon Metallic, Citron Drop, Cobalt Blue Pearl, Premium Deep Rosso Pearl, Mandarin Gold Metallic, White Orchid Pearl, Lunar Silver Metallic, Modern Steel Metallic, and Crystal Black Pearl. 


Unlike its predecessor, the All-New Freed will provide a more spacious cabin and can be adjusted to 16 different types of seat positions. The seats in the first and second rows can be folded and extended to provide more space for passengers. 

So, this will allow passengers to remain comfortable in a sleeping position because you can adjust the seat position more flexibly than the previous generation. The rear seat even uses a double folding mechanism that can allow the chair to be folded and closed evenly as a whole so that you can maximize the back to carry various items and other large equipment. 

The insertion of wooden elements on the dashboard also gives this car an elegant and more luxurious impression. Even the upholstery cloth material is given a beam pattern with the addition of a 3D effect. 

Honda also provides several other additions in terms of the interior of this latest Freed, one of which is making additional drawers on the doors and additional glass handles that are not found in the previous generation. 

Its steering wheel is coated with urethane and can also allow the driver to adjust his height so that the driving position remains in a comfortable position. Overall, the interior is lined with fabric materials and wood trim, so the All-New Freed interior design looks luxurious and classy. 


In the performance sector in this latest generation of Freed, Honda uses the Sport Hybrid i-DCD engine for its hybrid variant, where this engine is a hybrid engine with a dual-clutch transmission that is used to replace the CVT engine. 

The Sport Hybrid intelligent-Dual Clutch Drive (i-DCD) engine is mated to a 1.5-liter Atkinson cycle DOHC i-VTEC engine. It is mated to a high-performance electric motor connected to a 7-speed DCT transmission. As for the gasoline engine, Honda uses a 1.5 liter DOHC i-VTECH engine paired with a regular CVT transmission.


In addition to the standard safety features inherited from the previous generation, the All-New Freed has also been equipped with Honda Sensing technology. This latest feature allows this car to perform sudden braking automatically if in front of it an object or something is moving and crossing. So, this will increase alertness while driving so that you can avoid the risk of accidents. 

The All-New Freed is also equipped with Dual Front SRS Airbags, which support safety when driving. While on the door that still carries the sliding door system, this car is equipped with an anti-pinch sensor that can cancel the closing of the door if an object is detected that hinders the closing process. 

In the seat, the All-New Freed already uses a seat belt with a load limiter equipped with a pre-tensioner that can protect passengers when the car passes through an uneven road surface. This car is also equipped with a lever control system to maintain driving stability in corners and climbing roads. 

Fuel consumption

 Associated with using the dual-clutch hybrid engine carried by the All-New Freed, Honda claims that this car is very fuel-efficient. Through internal tests conducted by the manufacturer from the State of Sakura, it is said that the average fuel consumption can reach 27.2 km/liter. Of course, this is a number that is considered very economical for an MPV car in the class of Freed. 

Overall, the All-New Honda Freed carries many new features that can be a selling point for products predicted to enter the Indonesian automotive market shortly. So, Freed has bright potential for young people and families living in urban areas. 

An increasingly sporty appearance but still looks elegant and futuristic can be an added value, especially if it turns out that this car comes in many color choices. Using a hybrid engine with the latest technology will certainly be the biggest selling point of the All-New Freed. 

The advantages and disadvantages of the All-New Honda Freed

Suppose you look at the Hybrid engine with the latest technology it carries. In that case, the All-New Freed is certainly worthy of being an option, especially for those who want maximum performance with a fuel-efficient engine. 

A more spacious cabin is also a plus, especially applying the double folding mechanism system in the rear seat row, making the load more maximal and quite a lot. This car also has an increasingly classy design, both in terms of interior and exterior. 

However, if you look at the selling price of this car in the Japanese market, the presence of the All-New Honda Fredd in Indonesia will most likely have a pretty fantastic price. So, the Japanese manufacturers are very likely to be done, considering the selling price for the previous Honda Freed series is also very high. 

Should I buy a Honda Freed?

For those who want luxury in the vehicle's appearance, the All-New Honda Freed can be used as the right choice because, by design, this car does have a stylish and very classy appearance. 

A charming interior design with some features in it can also provide comfort when driving. This All New Hoda Freed will also be very appropriate as an option if you want a compact car with a large enough load and a spacious cabin. 

However, if you look at the prices charged for the market of their country of origin, All New Freed will likely be present in Indonesia at a fairly high price. So, this should be a special consideration, especially if you want a classy car at a quite pocket-friendly price. The manufacturer next door certainly has many offers that are far more reasonable. 

Comparison All New Freed

 All New Freed  vs. Honda Jazz

These two cars are certainly the most popular products in the ranks of the Japanese car manufacturer; both the Honda Freed and the Honda Jazz both have a fairly wide market among automotive lovers in Indonesia. 

In terms of price, the two certainly have a fairly different range. Honda Freed targets family consumers and young people and applies some fairly high prices in all its variants. 

From the exterior, both have a charming appearance with sporty and classy body curves. But Freed certainly has more value when compared to the Jazz because this MPV car always comes with a sliding door which has been his trademark since its first appearance. 

This feature is a comfort and convenience for passengers, especially on the All-New Freed, which is equipped with an anti-pitch sensor and a one-step floor design that will provide security and comfort. 

Freed has a cabin that is quite large, so it is more appropriate for the needs of families and also consumers who need large enough luggage. This car also has a much larger passenger-carrying capacity, reaching 6 to 7 people. 

Even though they both have charming interior designs, the presence of wood elements on the All-New Freed makes it look more charming and luxurious when compared to the Honda Jazz. The application of several excellent features also makes Freed have several interior advantages when compared to Jazz. 

The All-New Freed is certainly superior in terms of performance. The engine carried by this car is a Hybrid intelligent-Dual Clutch Drive (i-DCD) engine mated to a 1.5 liter Atkinson cycle DOHC i-VTEC engine and a 1.5 liter DOHC i-VTECH engine paired with a regular CVT transmission. 

Both of these machines can provide quite good and powerful performance, and even the Hybrid engine is claimed to be a machine that can save fuel use very effectively. With this machine, driving becomes more comfortable because this machine has a fairly low noise level compared to the Honda Jazz. 

All New Honda Freed VS Honda Mobilio

 Both present and enliven the MPV class, both Honda Freed and Mobilio have some advantages in themselves. However, these two products have different segments because the class they targeted from the start was also not the same, where Freed targeted MPV lovers from the upper-middle class. 

In contrast, Mobilio targeted lower-middle-class consumers. Overall, these two Honda cars have a strong enough appeal, especially for those who always want a comfortable ride. 

Mobilio still uses the i-VTEC SOHC 1.5L, 16 valve engine, while the All-New Freed already has a Hybrid variant with i-Dual Clutch Drive technology as its flagship. 

Also, this is certainly an indication of the price difference, which is quite far, where for the last release circulating in Indonesia alone, Freed is in the range of 270 million rupiahs. At the same time, the latest Mobilio can still be obtained at a price of around 200 to 215 million rupiahs. 

By design, the Honda Freed does have a class of its own that makes it look more futuristic when compared to the Mobilio. Besides, this is even a significant differentiator because the Freed is much more charming with many luxurious features. 

For body size, the All-New Freed is longer and wider than the Mobilio, and this will certainly make the Freed's cabin more spacious, especially with the application of some smart features to the seats. 

For the rear trunk, both are quite spacious, especially because Freed implements a system that allows the seat to be level with the floor so that the trunk becomes more spacious and loads many goods. 

All New Freed vs. used Honda Freed.

 The All-New Freed has many advantages compared to the previous variants circulating in Indonesia due to many excellent features that can boost the car's popularity that has not yet been circulating in the national market. 

One of the things that stole the most attention was using the latest Hybrid engine from Honda, which even became an added value worth waiting for from this luxury car. 

The All-New Freed is 50 mm longer than the previous series, which only has a body length of 4215 mm. Thus, the difference makes the cabin more spacious and comfortable. Especially with a new system in the cabin that makes the All-New Freed seats more efficient and comfortable. 

Price of All New Honda Freed

 Although it has not been officially circulated in the Indonesian automotive market, the interest of automotive lovers in this one car is quite large, even though the price is quite high in the market. 

The All-New Freed is released for the Japanese market for 1,880,000 Yen to 2,748,200 Yen, or equivalent to Rp. 241-353 million rupiahs, this is certainly quite reasonable because the previous variants were only sold in the range of Rp. 270-290 million rupiahs in the Indonesian market. This variant will likely be priced above 300 million rupiahs for the domestic market, but this will certainly be comparable to the various luxurious features. 

However, the prices and discounts applied by several showrooms will certainly be very different from one another. Therefore, it is very important to seek and obtain information about this from several trusted showrooms. 

This will help to get some of the best prices and offers among the existing showrooms. But don't worry, some trusted car sites can help provide some of the best deals on buying Honda Freed throughout the year. So it will be much easier and more efficient because you don't have to go and ask individually at the showroom that sells the luxury MPV. 

It is very important always to make comparisons when buying a car. This purchase will involve a fairly large amount of money, so it is always necessary to carefully consider and make the purchase efficient to provide maximum benefit.